How to Prepare Your House for a Successful Sale in Baltimore, Maryland

So you're looking to sell your house in Baltimore? Congratulations! It's a big decision, but if done right it can be one of the best investments you've ever made. You want to make sure that potential buyers will be intrigued by the property, and that it has the right mix of affordability and modernity.

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Declutter & De-Personalize

When selling a home it is important to make sure that potential buyers can imagine themselves living in the house as easily as possible. This means decluttering and de-personalizing your home to let potential buyers imagine their own furniture and decor. This will also give you the opportunity to accurately price your home by removing any decorative items that might skew value perceptions.

  • Remove Favorite Items & Furniture - Remember, when putting together your house for sale potential buyers may be considering how they would like to use the space. If there are favorite pieces of furniture or decorations that you lean on heavily in daily life it is important to remove them before showing prospective buyers around the property. These objects can make it difficult for viewers to picture themselves in your space, so create a bare room where potential buyers can daydream about putting their personal touch on your home!

Ensure Your Kitchen & Bathroom are Up-To-Date & Functional

When selling a home one of the most important rooms to consider as "up-to-date" in the kitchen and bathroom. Potential buyers want homes where they can picture themselves cooking dinner or relax after a long day. That means ensuring that your kitchen is clean, functional, and has all of the essential appliances, as well as that your bathroom includes a tub or shower.

  • Make Sure The Appliances Work - If your appliances are old or don't work it can seem like your house isn't properly maintained. Potential buyers will want to picture themselves using different appliances in their homes if they aren't satisfied with the ones currently in place. It's important to make sure before listing your property that electric stoves are working, ovens are clear and clean, microwaves work correctly (e.g. not burning popcorn!), dishwashers are functional, etc.
  • Ensure Your Bathroom Has A Tub Or Shower - When selling a home it is important to make sure that the bathroom has at least one tub or shower! Bathrooms are places where people want to relax and clean up after long days, so when showing your property prospective buyers will be considering how they would use the space in their own lives. If you don't include either of these features in your home it can seem like an odd choice for someone looking at properties in your area, unless you have another way for them to get clean!
  • Update Your Kitchen - When selling a home it can be tempting to replace all appliances with new ones, but it's important not to go overboard. Potential buyers are interested in buying homes where they can envision themselves cooking, but if there are too many new appliances then it can seem like the current occupants have been there for a very short time, which may make them suspicious. It is ideal to have only a few new appliances in your kitchen when selling a home, or else you risk making it look much newer than other properties in the area!

Neutralize the Interior

When preparing your house to sell it is important to consider the way that colors influence potential buyers. Colors can influence feelings and emotions which can then lead to value judgments, and this often happens subconsciously. Neutrals like white and beige will emphasize other features and let viewers focus on what's important- how they want their home to feel.

Make Sure Your House has the Right Features for its Area

If you want to sell your house fast in Baltimore, it is important to consider what features would bring extra convenience and enjoyment to potential buyers, given the location and setting for your property!

  • Consider The Surrounding Area - It is critical when preparing your home for sale to be aware of the surrounding area. If you are selling your house in an area where there are many schools nearby it can seem like there were many children living there previously, which might not appeal to prospective buyers!
  • Features That Acreage Can Provide - It can be helpful to consider adding certain features which would make your house more attractive based on its surroundings. For example, if you live in an area with access to trails it may be beneficial to include several easily accessible mountain bikes or snowshoes for prospective buyers! This could give your property the edge needed to attract someone whose interests match up exactly with what's available at your home.

Prepare Your House to Stand the Test of Time

When preparing your house for sale it is important to remember that this means all aspects of the property should be well maintained, down to the smallest details!

  • Don't Forget The Maintenance - When preparing your house for sale it is important to think carefully about the quality of the work done on any prior repairs. For example, if you've had a plumber come out to fix a leak then that means there are some very specific details that you should tell potential buyers about, or else they might think that the fixtures are old, rusty, or in need of replacement.
  • Landscaping Details - When preparing your house for sale it is important to consider everything about the landscaping you have done with your property, including the size and type of plants, rocks, or mulch that you've used. If there is anything specific like a new stone walkway or a regularly maintained garden you should point it out to buyers because this could increase interest and the value of your house!

Need Assistance in Preparing Your House for Sale in Baltimore?

Selling a home can be time-consuming and difficult but Dependable Home Buyers is here to help! Our expert staff will work closely with you to make sure that your home is well-priced and professionally presented for a smooth and effective sale. We're also happy to answer any questions you might have about the housing market in your location, what buyers are looking for, or anything else related to selling a property! Contact us today to learn more!